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Currently the USA food business is a multi-billion dollar food industry with a regular growth every year. At Present, there are thousands of Indian & Bengali Restaurants and over 10,000 grocery stores all over the USA owned by the Asian community. The number of Bangladeshi origin population alone exceeds over a half million and taking in the population of Asia origin is in excess over a Million. Due to the social changes in the Asian population, both the family member are now working, but the food palate has not changed thereby having very little time to cook Asian foods, and with this target market in focus, Premium Food USA is distributing the entire range of ethnic products to meet the needs of the customers. The market acceptance of Asian foods is growing by the day even among the Non-Asian population as well.

The company distributes different kinds of Frozen products such as ethnic Bangladeshi Vegetables, Fruits, Ready-to-cook snacks such as Deshi Paratha (Flat Bread), Dal Puri (Lentil Snacks), Aloo Puri (Potato Snacks), Luchi (Snacks), Samosa (Vegetable Snacks), Singara (Curry Puff), Spring Roll, Aloo Chop, Pithas and etc and Seafood and White fishes from Bangladesh and White Fish of Myanmar origin.

Premium Food’s approach toward procurement is well structured and clearly defined meeting the required international food safety certification such as Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) from its suppliers. Towards this end, the sponsors of Premium Food has invested in the processing plants in Bangladesh and Myanmar to directly source for quality raw material and process in a State-of-the-art processing plant for maintaining sustained quality of products and secure long term strong foot hold in the USA Asian food market.

Premium Food under the brand already receiving tremendous response on account of taste, quality & packaging of our line of products.

The head office of Premium Foods USA Inc. is located in New York, with easy communication to all over USA.

The distribution company has set up its own Cold Storage facility on a long term leased property with a capacity to store fourteen refrigerated load of each forty feet containers.

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We pride ourselves in the fact that our suppliers are operating to the highest standards...

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We are committed to maintain the highest standards throughout the supply chain...